Cookie decorating party!

I realize I am basically just reliving my childhood during the holidays. I drag the kids to all sorts of activities- probably way too many- why?- I just can't resist! I luuuuuvvvvv christmas and frankly am pissed that I wait all year for a season that is really only 25 days long?! I mean that's not even a full month people! C'mon! (This may be why we are guilty of playing the christmas music at that first fall snap of cooler weather)- woops. So of course I got the bright idea of hosting a cookie decorating party. Maaaaaybe a little too much for a preggo? yes. But hey, pen loves to help in the kitchen (just need her to learn to load the dishwasher) and she loves baking, so I thought she would love to cut out her own cookies and have a few of her closest buddies (and violets too of course) to help with all the decorating! It was a lot of fun and it was so cute to see how into it the kids were. Those crafty craftertons! Of course eating their creations was even more fun. And for the mommies... A cheese plate and yummy drinks. Good thing it was cold today- really helped to get us all in the christmas spirit.

There she is hard at work!

Virgin cookies

Okay I did this one- just couldn't resist. Couldn't resist eating him either. Poor gingy.