Pizza,parade and cozy socks by the fire...

So it's been unusually chilly here in Santa Barbara the last couple of days- but I for one love the change. Makes it feel downright Christmassy. Tonight was Santa Barbara's annual christmas parade. We ate at my fav pizza spot, Nardonne's pizza then watched the parade. I was craving a hot cocoa but the line was out the door, so yeah that didn't happen. Afterwards we let the kids run through the mall so they could check out the huge christmas tree. After we put them down for the night we checked out our own christmas tree. All lights off except the tree and a roaring fire. Me in my cozy pajama pants and new fav cozy socks equals my definition of heaven- oh and one hand holding my hubbies hand and the other a cup of that cocoa I'd been craving. Happy holidays!

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