Teddy Bear Tea

I was super excited to take Penelope and my mom to this year's teddy bear tea at the Biltmore. I felt like Penelope was finally old enough to really appreciate it. What made it even more fun was that two of her good buddies, Lyla and Alana went too. (made it more fun for me too to get to sit with their mommies) :) The tea part was super mellow, which was perfect for the kids. Instead of the traditional high tea set up the Biltmore usually does they plated the kids right as they sat down. Meaning- no ancy kids. :) There were cute crafts like cookie decorating and face painting, a visit from Santa, presents and games. Penelope loved getting all dressed up, drinking hot chocolate and goofing off with her friends. I think this is a Christmas tradition worth continuing, but man can you imagine paying for 3 little ladies to go to this event?! Geez!

kids plates, yum!

mommy's plate=yum!

Penelope + Lyla (same bdays!)


hugging Grammy bye

cookie decorating table

hard at work

"I want a Frozen castle"

first time playing musical chairs

she didn't appreciate when she got booted out! :)



  1. So cute! Can't wait to take Lilja!!! Btw is it just me or does Santa look a little scary :)

    1. Santa was really late too. He didn't look like a Santa at all! Was way too young and skinny and looked like he's either been surfing all day or had been drinking! ha!

  2. looks like a such a fun time with little ladies!

  3. Replies
    1. it was great Cherise! You guys have to come next year!