Book of Mormon Birthday

For as long as I have known James he has been a South Park fan.
We used to fall asleep to the show every night. yeah, crazy.
When he found out the creators had a Broadway hit called The Book of Mormon, he had his mind set that one day he would see it. 
Well, turns out the show is now at the Pantages Theater in LA, and our best buds Tony & Yvonne were going. James's big bday surprise this year was tickets to the show!
We left Santa Barbara early, met up with our friends for dinner, saw the show and drove back.
It was a whirlwind of a day but so worth it.
How was the show you ask?
HIGHLY OFFENSIVE, but of course in true South Park fashion, hilarious too.
One thing about South Park is, NO ONE IS SAFE!
So just when you get offended, realize they do it to just about everyone.
Its all fair game. ;)
Would I recommend my mom or pastor see it? hmmmm... probably not. ;)
I love you James!
May the bday month continue!
dinner at the Hungry Cat Los Angeles
great mocktails for the pregnant lady ;)

tony enjoying the apps

the pantages is so beautiful

the gang!

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