Connor's 2nd bday and fun with cousins!

Today was a super fun day.
We kicked it off with some yoga at Climbtime Yoga and my little niece Lilja came.
It was also Connor's second birthday so we brought cupcakes and scones to celebrate.
After yoga, I took the girls to their Aunt Linda's for some play.
They loved jumping on the trampoline and playing with Lilja's toys. 
Then we all took a walk to Alice Keck park to feed the ducks and have a picnic.
The girls loved it and I especially loved the yummy quiche Linda made! 
It was around 80degrees here today so it was great to be outside.
Ah, January in Santa Barbara.

birthday boy scarfing down his cupcake
might I mention our dog Gracie swiped 4 of these huge cupcakes last night-
hence the extra scones I had to whip up this morning!



  1. Awww the cousin pic is awesome!!! Love! Had so much fun with you guys yesterday :)