Dad's Bday in the mountains

Since James has the fortune of having a birthday on MLK weekend he usually gets some sort of trip or overnight stay somewhere to celebrate. This year was no exception.
We visited our good buddies Tony and Cynthia at their cabin up in Wrightwood CA. 
Tony's birthday is two days before James so this was the second time we celebrated them together.
It was also the second time we stayed with them at their cabin for their birthdays- except the first time we didn't have two little angels to help decorate their cake. :)
It was a little tough explaining to Penelope why we couldn't do all of the snow activities we had last year (because it was dry as a bone up there), but she did manage a lesson at the resort.
Happy Birthday Jamers!
I love you so much!!!!
celebrating the night before with cupcakes

putting the finishing touches on Tony & daddy's cake

at least she got to make a snow angel!

they found a smidgen of snow!

the day they were supposed to take lessons, the resort was packed
and Violet was in a terrible mood
this was the best pic I could manage of her :(

if you can't sled you scoot!

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