Earlier in the week James did an appraisal on one of his buddy's old places on miramar beach. When he was there he noticed how incredible the tide pools are at low tide. So we planned to take the girls to check them out this Friday afternoon. We found tons of shells, crabs, sea urchins, starfish and even a baby octopus. The sunset was gorgeous and I especially loved how at one point the sky and water were this beautiful shade of pink. We brought Gracie dog too so she could get run around and she had fun meeting other dogs and we had fun meeting some of their nice "owners." You could tell its Friday cause everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Afterwards we checked out the new pizza place recommended by my friend Alisa called Barbarians. The pizza was delish and the girls guzzled down their fist rootbeer floats. We also indulged them with orange soda. Man it must be Friday. ;)
TGIF everyone!

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