Day 13+: Monaco, Eze, last dinner and trip home!

Tuesday was our last full day in France. We drove down to Monaco to check out the boats and beautiful city. Its amazing to see how its all built into a huge cliff. They were getting ready for their 20 year yacht festival the next day so it was super busy there, but it was fun to see all of these huuuuge boats! Some of them looked like mini cruise ships.
The Baton Rouge! Hey had to represent!

This ship even had a Texas Longhorn flag-hmm wonder who this belongs too?

kids playing at recess at a little playground right at the harbor

Later in the day we drove to the cute medieval city of Eze.
This little town is built on top of a cliff and has incredible views of the coast and neighboring cities.

view of the church in Eze

view of the city of Eze from the road

So because this was our last night at our B&B we decided to have dinner there again.
Madame Bernadette is an amazing chef. She actually hosts cooking weekends where guests can pay to stay there and take lessons. Everything she makes is locally grown and organic. She loves to make everything from scratch-including the six different dessert wines we tried. When we wake up in the morning there is homemade brioche and jam. Unbelievable. For our last night she prepared a typical provencal dish that was vegetables with a rice/meat mixture inside. Her friend Daniella from Rome joined us along with the other guest Irena from Prague, her husband Guy and daughter-in-law Natalie. What a fun meal! And when its all over we can just wander upstairs to our beds. How easy is that??


Bernadette and her husband Guy

Main course

Also I don't have a picture here but for the first course we had homemade olive tapenade
and caramelized onion pizza.

dessert was this raspberry coulis with whip cream!

This trip was fabulous from start to finish. We definitely want to visit again. There is just never enough time to see everything on the first go round, but we are also super excited to be home. The flight back was difficult because we weren't seated together so the flight attendants worked some magic (kind of like musical chairs) to make it so we could sit together. The flight was super full, and there were several families who weren't together that they had to help out as well. Their bassinets are definitely on the small side, so while Penelope barely fit on the way there, she definitely was too big for it on the way back. So when turbulence hits you have to zip them inside, well it made it impossible for her to turn which meant she did not sleep well. She ended up waking up for a couple hours and finally fell asleep again on James. On the way to France it was sooo much easier. People even congratulated us on how perfect she was! So we didn't sleep on this flight, plus it was 1 1.5 hours delayed.
We are exhausted today so please pray we adjust soon.

Thank you for following our adventure. We enjoyed sharing with you our favorite highlights of each day. Glad to back in the good old US of A, and we can't wait to share our trip with each of you in person too.


  1. Welcome home! Fabulous trip! Looking forward to taking the girls someday soon!

  2. Thank YOU for making it so easy to follow along on your amazing adventure!

  3. Love these pictures from Eze! They are so pretty. You did a great job using your camera! I am glad you guys are home safe and sound. We loved watching your adventure.