Day 10: Perfume Factory Tour

Today it rained so we just decided to take our time and relax.
No set agendas.
P took a nice long nap in the morning so I got ready and got our room organized so we could actually enjoy it. Then we drove to the old city center of Grasse again, and took a tour of the perfume museum/original factory of Fragonard. It was really interesting to learn about how perfume was originally made. I ended up buying waaaay too much stuff, but I did find a lovely new fragrance called E'Toile.
(see collage below-click it to enlarge)

We hung out in the streets and did a fun photo shoot with Penelope. We also had a delicious kabab sandwich that was to die for! So we wandered around exploring all the way to dinner time and had a delicious meal at Lou Candeloun- we were relieved that Penelope wasn't too loud or fussy because it was a very quiet formal restaurant! Whew!

(you can click the collage below to enlarge)
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  1. Just used my favorite body cream from Fragonard! My favorite!