Louvre Love

DAY 4: Sunday- LOUVRE
So I realize I'm a day or so behind in posting these but I guess eventually I will get caught up.
Today we went to the Louvre. I have always wanted to visit this museum, especially after 4 years of Humanities in college! We had a great time checking it out but of course didn't even scratch the surface. Its supposed to rain here on Wednesday which will be our last day in Paris before heading south so we may visit the Louvre one more time and actually take a guided tour. Here are some highlights of the day. Hanging out in the park was fun too, and that night we closed down the little fondue place next door to our apartment. Yum!

My kinda bling, I love cameos!

This is a little collage I put together of some of the paintings I really liked.
Click it to enlarge.

One of my favorite photos so far.
You will see these brides randomly out taking their wedding photos.
Her dress was so stunning.

Aphrodite- or Venus (the luuuuvvvv goddess!)

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  1. Great picks Laurie. You guys look like you are having such a good time!