More Madura please!

One of my passions is home decor. Maybe you wouldn't guess that right off if you saw my home right now, but I have big plans! I have been making plans for years. Lots of ideas swimming around my head. I'm actually taking a sewing class every Monday night so I can learn how to make my own pillows and coordinating curtains and duvets etc. The main reason for this desire is because I find its very hard to get really cool drapes with matching pillows or something that compliments. Most things you find in big box retail stores are very basic. Most things you seen in custom homes are from fabric stores that have been made 'custom' (ie. very expensive). So I think it would be fun to be able to change the look of my home at my own discretion and let my creative juices run free! When I was in Cannes I found a really cool home store called Madura. They have one in NYC and Boston, but nothing in LA yet. So sad. I do have the brochure though! This store is awesome. A million different pillow covers and coordinating curtains etc. And lovely designs! Reminded me a little of the Designers Guild. Another store I wish we had!

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