Day 5: Monday Eiffel Tower

Today we went to the famous Eiffel Tower! Another one I can cross off the bucket list. ;) First though we made a short pilgrimage to Eric Kayser boulangerie in the Latin Quarter for a pain au chocolat. I know there is a lot of hype around this place, at least among Parisians but I don't think their specialty are pain au chocolats. I have to say both James and I were unimpressed. So the search will continue. After the croissant we hopped on the Batobus (Seine River tour bus) and headed to the tower. Good thing we had plenty of time because by the time we waited in line and got to the top to snap about 15 minutes of pics the overall process must have taken at least two hours. When we were done checking out the views we got a hot dog and chocolate crepe and hung out in the park. Very nice. For dinner we tried to eat at a restaurant I read about on the Isle St. Louis but it was closed. So instead we stumbled into this little wine cafe called Cave A Vins. It was a quiet little tucked away place with the most excellent stuffed goose neck salad. I had veal and James had lamb and of course we had the apricot tart for dessert (oh yeah and a bottle of pinot). annnnnddd.... ten extra pounds later.... yeah. So of course the Eiffel Tower is one of the most beautiful things (in my humble opinion) to photograph in the world- so forgive me for having a lot of these on here!

at the top! Finally!

P.S. she doesn't let me put hats on her anymore :(
I think she wore this for like 2 seconds.

P.s.s. I can't get her to smile into the camera anymore either. Double :( :(
She seems to want to look anywhere but the camera! LOL

P got a real kick out of the bus!

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