DAY 8: Train to Nice

This morning I woke up early and did a little last minute shopping at our local Monoprix (aka French Target) for some beauty products- which by the way is nearly impossible with James and P so I went solo!, I got some perfume, yummy smelling baby wipes (love the Monoprix Bout'chou baby line)- that's right P has to have her beauty products too and a cute t-shirt. After Monoprix I did my due diligence and represented the good ole US of A and got some coffee at Starbucks. Yes I did that. After that I loaded up on some pain au chocolats at r. Bertrand on 10 Rue La Grange (the best!) for our train ride to Nice. These croissants are the most lovely soft moist- yet still heavenly flaky- little chocolate pillows you have ever tasted! We went first class on our train to Nice which was about a 5 hour ride. The journey was interesting. There was a lot of noise from a very squirmy baby! I swear since we left on this trip it seems each day she gets squirmier and crazier! Restaurants I can see are already beginning to become a thing of the past.

After a very crazy confusing drive we found our b&b in Grasse- Lou Pantail. Our host family is so nice. We decided to have dinner at the maison and were pleasantly surprised with Madame Bernadette's creations. The dinner was family-style. We ate with Bernadette and her husband Guy and daughter-in-law Sylvie (pictures of them will be posted soon!) Bernadette made homemade olive tapenade on toast and gazpacho soup with toasted almonds for the first course, a lovely vegetable plate for the main entree, followed by an amazing assortment of local cheeses and dessert. Their was one cheese that was so heavenly light and soft and she said it came from a farm 10 miles away where the sheep roam free- yum. And lets not forget both of the dessert rose wines she served were also created by her. One with a flower essence and one with an orange essence. Unbelievable. We spent the evening trying to understand each other but the conversation was good nonetheless and we managed to actually have a conversation for over two hours. Hilarious (and gosh darn it when it was all said and done we were just exhausted!)

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