Oui Oui Mon Cherie!

Day 2- Friday:

So after our long night (and too many sleeping pills- at least on my part) we sort of overslept- till like 2pm! Needless to say that won't really help with jet lag! So we spent the day exploring the neighborhoods around us. First we took a stroll to the Luxemborg gardens. I love how there are so many chairs just set around everywhere so people can just chill. Perfect. Then we walked over to Notre Dame just in time for mass. The music was beautiful. I will upload a video but because uploading videos takes so long and it is already past my bedtime (yes I am sitting here in the dark writing this) I will just save that for later. When we finished at Notre Dame we hung out for a bit at the little park behind the church and then we mozied over to the Isle Saint Louis. A huge thanks to my friend Stacy for recommending one of the BEST restaurants! Sgt Recruiter. This place was super cute and romantic and for 40 Euro per person you get the following: sparkling wine to start, a huge basket of sausage (thats right I said a huge basket of sausage), a huge basket of vegetables, soup du jour, pate and pickles, entree of your choice, cheese plate, dessert and oh did I mention unlimited wine?! Yeah I think I've gained 5 pounds already. And can I just say how impressed we are with the people here. They couldn't be nicer or more patient with us. We have been so naughty by not knowing enough French to really even get around. I think between the two of us we know like 5 words! Never once have these people made us feel so stupid or acted annoyed. I don't know, maybe its the baby buying us sympathy but so far (knock on wood) we have nothing but great things to say about everyone we have met. People are just so darn polite! I would say even better than when we went to Italy. Oui Oui Mon Cherie!

Well I could take a million museum pics but at the end of the day its just the average every day life of a city that peaks my interest so here is a taste of day 2. I hope you enjoy! We sure did!
Penelope at Sgt. Recruiter trying cucumber
ta little concert on the seine

Hotel de Ville- everything looks better at night

I thought this pic was super romantic, its hard to see them but I love the little couple snuggling. What a perfect Paris moment.

a meat market on Rue Saint Louis

I will be back for these croissants!

Just like some of us like art in a museum- this is art to me too.
This shop was so beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice.

A park behind the Notre Dame. These kids like spinning James and P.

Notre Dame

So Paris- Luxemborg Gardens

The staff at Sgt. Recruiter were so amazing. The hostess even gave Penelope these yummy wafers to chew on. A lot of sugar I know, but hey she loved them and it bought me some time!

Okay people aren't joking around about this icecream. Berthillion's salted caramel. Thats all that really needs to be said.

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  1. Loving your travels Laurie! Keep posting! Love to all :)