We Made It!

OOOkay so I realize I'm a little behind in my blogging so for those of you I coerced into following our journey online I apologize for the delay! A long story short we made it to Paris and our alive and well and getting better by the day. LOL! Thankfully everything went supersmooth with our flight. No delays, hardly any turbulence, great food, great staff and all around great airline. Go Air France. And yes, I meant great "airplane" food! A nice foretelling of what is to come. (Is "foretelling" a word?) Anyhoo- Penelope did great, she was up for part of the flight since we left at 3:30 and busied herself making friends with our neighbors, tasting her bassinet and whipping through all the toys I bought her (which took about 20 minutes to do btw)! Our apartment is in a killer location smack dab in the middle of everything in the Latin Quarter. I really wanted to stay somewhere with a lot of great places to eat- since hey, that's like 90% of the vacation right? Well I have never seen so many cafes in one condensed area before. Its crazy! In fact, right outside our door is Chez Ernest- a super tiny mom and pop place with just down home good food and everything is under 14 Euro. Can't beat that. And two doors down is a little fondue place I am dying to try. Right around the corner is the metro and less than a 5 min walk the Luxemborg Gardens, Seine, Notre Dame and Isle Saint Louis. Magnifique! The apartment is huge! Now while it does look like its straight out the 1980s I will say it has a queen bed an huge tub- which both can be hard to find in Europe- especially in our price range! So day one not much to tell than more of a story of survival. We thought we were being smart by putting P to bed around 6 since we woke her up early when the flight ended, and she was up most of th day, buuuuut babies don't adjust that easy. And well, I sort of made the mistake of taking 1 1/2 Ambien- so when she woke up a couple times throughout the night I was like "whaaaaat's happening???" Yeah like I said, survival. Kind of like we made it to the top of Mt. Everest and the worst part is behind us. - hopefully. ;)

hello, um excuse me!

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