Today we woke up to a lovely breakfast prepared by our host Madame Bernadette. A fresh baguette with six different homemade jams! A pain au chocolat how perfect! Yogurt and another yummy bread filled with nuts and cranberry. After breakfast we drove to Cannes and had lunch with the Beards! It was so fun to see them half way across the world. The funny thing is it felt so natural. Here we were sitting together in an entirely different continent yet it kind of felt like any normal day. After lunch we all explored the shops together and got some cute things for the bebes. Then we said our goodbyes as Davey and Cherise made the journey to the Cinque Terre in Italy. Ah what a good time they will have there! So beautiful. James and I lingered in Cannes for a few more hours and then had dinner up in the old city center of Grasse. This was a driving adventure to say the least! Once we were up in those little cobblestone streets we made a wrong turn and ended up down too skinny of a street and literally almost got stuck! I should have taken a picture only it wasn't so funny at the time! James had to drive in reverse so we could back up these little streets just to get to the main road again. 6 inches to the left and we would have been done for! Whew! So after this nightmare we did manage to find an excellent meal at Rendevous. Grasse is soooo amazingly beautiful. I can't even begin to describe. At night especially it is so romantic.Wow.

Lou Pantail- our b&b in Grasse

Me and Cherise in Cannes

Bathroom Grafitti- a really cool store in Cannes- I love this chair!

Rendevous- a restaurant in the center of Grasse

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