Day 6: Tuesday Tour of Paris

So I realized after the fact that some of the pics I uploaded to yesterday were actually of today! Woops- so this pic is the only one I will load for this day. Anyhoo-
Today was kind of a weird day. Nothing really set on our agenda, which can be a good thing. I was hoping to visit Monet's gardens today, but we got to bed super late last night so James wasn't up for the day trip. So instead we visited a local farmers market where I scored on some cute scarves (for me) and dresses (for Penelope). After the the market we went back on our "pain au chocolat hunt" to the Isle St. Louis. Unfortunately all of the boulangeries were closed, but we did find an amazing restaurant next door. I had the onion soup and beof bourguignon with profiteroles for dessert. Yeah, all that just for lunch. Stuffed! After lunch we did a little gift shopping on Rue St. Louis, and then took a little tour on the paris tour bus. This took us all around Paris, it was a fun way to see the whole city and learn some things about the history of different neighborhoods etc. When we hopped off the bus we walked back to the Isle St. Louis (I know I'm obsessed) to visit the little boulangerie when it was open. I must say she did have a very good pain au chocolat. The best- not quite- but the best so far (here at least). For our dinner tonight James found an excellent restaurant that was literally a five minute walk from our flat called Braisson Raine. I had the stuffed pig with a wine/bacon reduction sauce. O.M.G. For starters we had the beef carpaccio with arugula pesto and parmesan. And for dessert the dark chocolate praline pie. I am so full. Why does every post end with me in this state? I am in trouble.

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